DOT near Mexia

Information About Department of Transportation Physicals

Tejas Urgent Care has been providing Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examinations for many years. To comply with federal regulations in effect as of May 21, 2014, we have designated specific Patient First examiners to perform DOT physical exams. All of our designated examiners are now Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified, have received extra training on DOT policies and procedures, and are exceptionally well qualified to ensure that client employees meet the requirements of Federal DOT regulations. And for your convenience, Tejas Urgent Care FMCSA certified providers are available to examine drivers on a walk-in, non-appointment basis.
FMCSA Certification
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certification now required of all medical examiners performing DOT physicals helps ensure better uniformity of medical standards for Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers, an important step in enhancing CMV driver safety and reducing fatalities on our nation’s highways.
FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner Schedules
It is important to check in advance to confirm that a certified medical examiner is available before sending a driver for an examination.  Last minute schedule revisions, due to illness or other reasons, are possible. To avoid inconveniencing your employee, please call our office at  254-562-2500 during office hours to see if our certified medical examiners are on duty. If you send an employee to us at a time when a designated DOT examiner is not on duty, the employee will be shown the schedule and asked to return when a DOT examiner is on duty, or will be directed to another center where a qualified DOT examiner is available.